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        WDA Calendar of Events      Non WDA Events
				Year 2019	

                    Apr 5-7          WDA After Burner Jet Fly

                    May 3-5         WDA Lake Minden Float Fly
                    May 9-11       WDA Heli Scale Masters
                    May 18-19      WDA Pylon Race

                    Jun 28-30       WDA Wings of Victory

                    Aug 3                       Golden Age Scale Meet

                    Aug 24-25      WDA Goyet C/L Stunt Meet

                   Sept 7-8         WDA Pattern Contest

                   Sep 21-22       WDA Meet n' Meat U/C Stunt Meet

                   Sept 28                 WDA Old School Jamboree

 ********** 2019 Non WDA Events ***********

       Mar 9                  SVSS TD Contest

      Mar 30-31           Gold Counrty C/L Combat


      Apr 6                   SVSS TD Contest

      Apr 13-14            SVSS Spring Fling

      Apr 26-28            Los Banos Scale Aero Tow Event


      May 4                  SVSS X/C Contest

      May 4-5              Oakdale IMAC contest

      May 4-5              Sunset Beach Slope Event

      May 11.               AMOS Heli Event

      May 11                SVSS TD Contest

      May 12-19           AMOS Float Fly

      May 23-27           Castle Giant Scale Fly-in

                June 15.               AMOS War Bird Event

                June  15               SVSS TD Contest               

                June 20-23           Livermore Roto Fest


                July 13                 SVSS TD Contest

                June 20                Sac Rats War bird Race


                Aug 10                 AMOS Electric Fun Fly

                Aug 10                 SVSS TD Contest

                Aug 17                 AMOS Presidentís Fun Fly

                Aug 17                 War birds over Livermore

                Aug 24                 AMOS Electric Fun Fly


                 Sept 14                SVSS TD Contest

                 Sept 20-22           AMOS Jet Event

                 Sept 20-22           Lake McSwain Float Fly


                 Oct 12                 AMOS Giant Scale Event

                 Oct 12                 SVSS TD Contest

                 Oct ?                   AMOS  Profile Event


                 Nov 9                  SVSS TD Contest 


                 Dec 7                   SVSS Tots for Tot's