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        WDA Calendar of Events      Non WDA Events
	Year 2018	
	Apr 27-29		WDA Float Fly
	June 23-24 		AMA Pattern Contest
	June 23-24 		Chumley Stunt Clinic

	Jul 7			Golden Age Fly in
	July 21-22 		Wings of Victory

	Aug 25-26 		Goyet Stunt Fest

	Sep 8			Old School RC Jamboree
	Sept 27-29 		Heli Scale Masters
	Sept 22-23 		Meet n' Meat Control Line Contest
	Oct 5-7 		WDA Float Fly
	Jan 1 2018		Chilly n' Chili Fun Fly
2018 Non WDA Events
	Apr 14-15 		Southwest Scale Classic Los Vegas NV
	Apr 21		RC Country Swap Meet
	Apr 27-29 		Turlock 3rd Annual Rotor Rally
	Apr 28		Warbird Fly-in Kingdon Air Park

	May 5-6 		Open House Wings Above Ash Creek  Anderson CA 
	May 5-6		Sunset Beach Slope Fest n' Camp
	May 4-6 		Norcal Free Flight Champs Wagel Field
	May 12		AMOS Helicopter Event 
	May 17-20 		Livermore  Rotorfest 2018
	May 18-20 		Redmond, OR Field of Dreams Scale Rally
	May 16-20 		Camp Far West Float Fly		Directions
	May 19-20 		Davenport F3F Slope Race 
	May 23-28 		Castle Giant Scale Fly In

	June 2-3 		Dan Sullivan Memorial Scale contest Ukiah 
	June 9 		AMOS Warbirds over Roseville
	June 9-10 		Tokay R/C IMAC IMAC West Coast Challenge

	July 14 		Sac-Rats Warbirds 
	Aug 11		AMOS Electric Fun Fly
	Aug 11-12 		Ward Hendricks IMAC Shootout  Oakdale 
	Aug 18 		Livermore Warbirds over Livermore
	Aug 25 		Sac-Rats Scale Waldo Pepper
	Sept 8		AMOS Presidents Fun Fly
	Sept 12-16 		Reno Air Races
	Sept 21-23 		AMOS Jet Fly -Thunder over Roseville
	Sept 21-23 		27th annual Lake McSwain Float Fly
	Sept 28-30 		Reno Jet Fly High Sierra Jets
	Oct 6 			AMOS Huckfest
	Oct 6-7 		Ukiah Dawn Patrol - WW1 Jamboree
	Oct 7-8 		Visalia Sailplane CVRV Fall Festival
	Oct 5-7 		Las Vegas Warbirds & Classics over N. Las Vegas
	Oct 20		AMOS Pro Bro 3D Profile Fun Fly
	Oct 18-21		Golden State Control line Stunt Championships  Madera